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Feb. 1st, 2007 @ 02:17 am Welcome!
Whee! I'm glad to see this actually get off to a promising start. :D Thank you all for applying and such. ^_^

I figure we'll officially start this coming Monday, February 5th.

Hopefully this will be ample time for the early reservations, yes yes?

Feel free to chime in with suggestions and such, we'd love to hear them!

EDIT: Feb. 1
I've decided to start screening reservation comments that have turned into applications, just to keep the comments page a little shorter.

Technically, overlimits is officially in charge of accepting applictions and updating the add list and all.
I'm just usurping her authority. XD

I'll try to put together a FAQ of sorts today, and clarify a few of the vague areas of the user info.
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